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So what is this all about?

DreamRaven Designs (DRD) is a design company based in Mogador, Surrey, England, with the experience to provide cutting edge solutions for a cutting edge world. We specialise in the collision of form and function, be it on the internet or in real life.

Over the past 14 years we have created solutions in multiple different disciplines, from dynamic, database driven websites using MySQL, PHP, ASP, Flash & Actionscript, through developing a client's brand, designing and producing business cards & letterheads, ensuring that brand is correct and consistent for all its usage from shop signage, vehicle graphics and more.

We can help spread YOUR message with email campaigns, direct marketing, microsites, bespoke applications. In fact anything that you can dream of, we can design and project manage its production.

Get in contact

If you think we might be able to help you, either fill in the form on this page, ring 0870 066 5476 or send a letter to this address: The Studio, 15 Dents Grove, Mogador, Surrey, England KT20 7DX.


From the multi-national all the way down to the one-man band, we are able to provide the solution within the timescales and under the budget.

You can rest assured that we will use the right tools for the job, based on client requirements, budget and suitability of tools. We will not sell you a Rolls-Royce when a bicycle would suit the job better, and conversely if a LearJet is what you need, a LearJet is what we will supply you!

Our full client list can be found here, but our latest jobs are listed below:

  • Far Flung Retreats: Domain services. We were recently contacted by the owners of this property rental business, to discuss branding and website requirements. The first step on this road is always the web domain. These were provided and we are looking forward to working further with this blossoming concern...
  • Stonebow Heritage: Branding and Business Stationery. Stonebow Heritage are 'Business Archaeologists' specialising in helping building and development contractors to ensure that no historical records are damaged during their activities. DRD were asked to develop the client's ideas for branding and take them to the high level required for printing, websites and further. We also supplied the server space for their website and installed their choice of Content Management System...
  • Westone Info: Giving a well loved web presence a new home and a spit and polish.. Westone.info was created as a hobby site by a lover of the Westone guitar brand. Over the years it became the go to place to find out information about all the guitars produce during the 80s under this brand out of the Matsumoko factory in Japan. The creator of the site had chosen to move on, but did not want this necessary resource to disappear. The staff of Dreamraven Designs also have a love of the Westone guitar and were chosen to inherit the content and the domain name of the site. We shifted the content to our servers and are continuing to sift through the content, tidy up the site and make it more accessible for the future.... »
  • Mogstock: Branding, flyers, event management, website. Mogstock is a local music event that aims to raise money for charity each July. Dreamraven Designs have been involved from the start and continue to be involved in deciding the theme of each year's event, how it will be presented and who will appear on the band list. This year was very successful, if a bit wet. Next year will delve into the 'Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything'.... »
  • Printinc Limited: Business card site. Printinc are a local printing business, "Printinc, because that is what we do". Dreamraven Designs were asked to create a simple one page website to allow prospective clients to find out their contact information. The ability to extend that offering as and when the client wish was built in from the start... »
  • The Churchill Arms, Alderholt: New branding, menus, website, posters, etc. Moving to a new location is always a stressful event, especially for a business. The Churchill Arms, Alderholt is a large pub on the outskirts of a small town in The New Forest. The new management wish to extend it to its full potential. DRD have been employed under retainer to mastermind the branding, marketing and advertising of the business from this point forward. We bring experience of previous Pub and Restaurant clients, as well as experience of being a customer of these environments....
  • Lease4Life Beats: Branding & eCommerce Subscription music site. Lease4Life Beats see themselves as THE location for 'Beats' used as the framework of club and dance tracks produced in studios and back bedrooms everywhere. DRD developed the client's ideas for their logo into a workable, unique brand and extend it over an existing content management system which was moved onto our server systems... »
  • Cervantes Telecom Limited: Branding and Business Stationery. Cervantes Telecom emerged after the combination of two companies. DRD were asked to create a brand for the new entity. Having supplied a number of concepts for consideration, a final idea was chosen to be developed. Business stationery was then produced, ready for printing... »
  • La Veranda Ristorante: Hosting, domain registration and hand holding. This Banstead located restaurant were almost left high and dry when the company that had supplied them with web development and hosting decided to close up shop. Through a mutual contact DRD were called in to take control of the existing site and move it to a safe haven. We managed to carry out this task in a seamless manner, in such a way that the client did not notice when the changeover occurred.... »
  • BunglesFinger: Web hosting, domain services, and general marketing. BunglesFinger are a local four piece rock and punk band playing pubs and clubs around the country. Dreamraven Designs inherited the hosting and domain management from a previous supplier. We have also designed a few shirts and other merchandise, along with posters for a few gigs.... »
  • AG Services Limited: 'Business Card' web page. AG Services are a local painting and decorating company 'making your home a brighter place'. They believe that having a web site where prospective clients can see examples of previous work and get information to get in contact is a requirement in this 'post-Yellow-Pages' business world. Especially as a single page website is cheaper than a year's entry in that well known phone directory... »
  • 3*21: Blog site for educational endeavour. Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome, is a condition that effects around 60,000 people in the UK. Not effects, as in 'causes pain and ill health', but effects in a way that is stronger. Society has a pre-conceived attitude towards this segment of society. 3star21 is a blog detailing knowledge gained whilst living with Down Syndrome, an accurate 'real-life' account of the Ups of the syndrome. DRD support a number of Down Syndrome based charities during the year and helped bring this endeavour into being.... »
  • Say Communications: Web presence for PR company. In conjunction with Direct Design, we incorporated the chosen design into the widely used Joomla! CMS, and have been involved in helping the client extend and manage the site over the few years it has been in place, including integrating Social Networking feeds and content updates... »
  • Kingston Employer Services: Employment web presence. In conjunction with Direct Design, Dreamraven Designs integrated a newly developed website design and mapped out website functionality into the WordPress CMS system, which had been specified by the client as a definite requirement, along with training key staff in using the new functionality developed... »
  • Karson Finance: Financial Services Portal. In conjunction with Direct Design, took a web site design, transformed it into a CMS template and integrated a user access system, so that the client could manage specific user's access to documents that deal with the financial services offered by Karson... »
  • Working with marketing agencies we have developed projects with other brands such as: McAfee, T-mobile, Xerox, Toyota, Ford Transit, and many more!
A member of BNI Sutton Chapter